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Why a web site ? Why not !!

There are two main reasons for this web site :

The first reason for this web site is to provide an "Electronic Newsletter"
for our family and friends in both the United States and Australia.

We hope to be able to keep you all up to date with what we are doing, where we have been and what's going on around here and may even tempt you into coming to visit us "down under".. As of March 2006 you better plan on coming to Salem Oregon to visit!

The second reason is, I love to tinker.

I considered getting a car engine to rebuild in the living room but with the new carpet about to be laid I could see a few problems with that. Some either involving a divorce lawyer or the emergency department at the local hospital. Somehow quietly tapping away at my computer playing at projects like this, seemed a better if not safer way to spend my spare time.

This was my first attempt at a web site.

It will always be a "work in progress", so please be a little patient with any errors or problems that may come up.

"January, 2006" - All of the above is still true, but add to that I just like playing with this stuff !!

"August, 2009" - Nothing has changed, still love playing with this stuff ! !