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Colby & Rachel's Visit - May 2003

House Boat Trip - Berri, South Australia.

In Australia during the "Off Season" many tour operators offer holiday packages at bargain rates. We were fortunate that Conda was able to obtain at a very good rate a package of three nights and four days on a house boat on the Murray River in South Australia.

Although it was June, and winter in Australia, the weather was warn and sunny. Because of the season, we basically had the river to ourselves.

Our Ship.. The houseboat we had for three nights, although not new, was very comfortable and well equipped. It had three bedrooms, two with double beds and the third with two sets of bunk beds. There was also a pull out bed in the living room area. The large bathroom also had clothes washing facilities.

The kitchen, or galley as they are called had a small gas stove including oven and fridge. On the front deck there was a large chest freezer and BBQ.

There were only four of us but we could have easily accommodated four to six more.

The galley / living area was spacious. Here Colby and Rachel are preparing the stir fry ingredients for dinner.

Assistant Captains at the helm. Conda and Colby at different times steering. The boat was easy to drive and a lot of fun.

Although, due to the fact that it was winter, we saw very few people on the river. We did have the company of a lot of bird life on the river especially pelicans.

Although large birds, the pelicans were very graceful when landing. They obviously thought that we were good prospects for food handouts, and they were right.


There was a lot of nothing to see, but this old boat on the left, seemed to fit the peaceful mood of the days we enjoyed.

This pelican seemed to be some sort of ambassador at the town of Berri, South Australia. It would readily take food from hands and was willing to "come aboard" for more.

Another old boat and a windmill that both look like they have seen better days.

They say a picture doesn't lie, well this one does.. It didn't do justice to the deep red coloring of the cliffs as sunset approached.

Seen one sunset, seen em all, not really! We enjoyed some peaceful, pleasant times during our trip. Although it was our winter, the weather was comfortable.

Colby and Rachel with their feet firmly on Australian soil. Along the river there were camp sites that were equipped with toilet facilities and fire places for those who wanted a more traditional style camping.

It seemed like no time at all, and before we knew it, we were on our way home to Victoria and our river adventure was over.