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Colby & Rachel's Visit - May 2003


From Sydney in New South Wales, we headed north to Queendland.

Arriving in Queensland, the first night we stayed in another Formule Motel.

We stayed at four of them during our travels. They provide a basic room for up to 3 people that are basically the same in all of their motels. They ranged in price from $44 to $59 and were good value, although Conda does question how they spell their name..

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Brisbane, QLD. For the trip, Colby and Rachel has expressed an interest to so we took them to Lone Pine.

Los Angeles, 11535 Kilometers (7209 miles approx), probably a bit far to walk !

Conda, Koala and some Bum! The coat of the Koala isn't as soft as the toys that are sold. The coat is fairly corse and they are fairly heavy for their size.

Colby, Rachel and Koala at Lone Pine. There can be an "unplesant" side effect of holding a Koala!

An adult koala. Although Lone Pine is a Koala Sanctuary, it also has many other types of native birds and animals.


Here Rainbow Lorikeets are bathing. Rainbow Lorikeets are often seen in large flocks together in large native trees feeding and making a hell of a racket in the process.

A Rock Wallaby.


A big Kangaroo taking it easy. The pigeons follow the Kangaroos and wallabies looking for the roo pellets that they leave.


Bulldozers of the bush as wombats are sometimes called. Wombats can do great damage to farmer's fences as they will push through or burrow under.

A Cassowary and Kookaburra.


Colby & Rachel spent the day at "The Australia Zoo" whilst we went elsewhere. To see more of the Zoo visit their own site, or better still the Zoo itself.

Visit The "Australia Zoo's" Site :

A former church on Morten Bay, Shorncliffe, Qld.

Another of the well kept buildings, also on Morten Bay, Shorncliffe, Qld..

A view of one of the beaches on Morton Bay at low tide.

A view of one of the beaches on Morton Bay at low tide.

Another view of one of the beaches on Morton Bay at low tide.

O'Reilly's is a guest house and resturant up in the hills of the Mount Tamborine National Park. The drive from the highway to the guest house isn't very far, probably only about 30k's but the road is very steep and narrow, often only single lane. I felt it was quite a job driving our car but others drive tour buses along the same road and I take my hat off to them.

The outstanding feature of the park is the views from not only the general area, but also the tree top board walk.

The views from the boardwalk way above the forrest floor, and other lookouts, make it all the effort of driving there, worth while.

On 19 February, 1937 an airliner on it's way from Brisbane to Sydney disappeared without a trace. This monument commemorates the search organized by Bernard O'Reilly that resulted in the discovery and rescue of two survivors.


Crimson Rosella Parrots, The red and green as seen on the left are the female and the blue and red, and better looking, is the male.


The walkways, through the rain forest, and later up into the tree canopy are well made and easy to walk. Through the rain forest, there is a lot to see of the vegitation but the real views are out and over the tree canopy.

A view of one of the elevated walkways through the tree canopy at O'Reilly's.

One of the views from the tree top walkway.