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Colby & Rachel's Visit - May 2003

Victoria to Sydney

Our day started early with a plan to drive from Melbourne, Victoria, north up the Hume Highway/Freeway to Sydney in New South Wales. The "Hume" is the major connecting road between Australia's two largest cities.

Although we were on a mission, we were also on vacation so we stopped when we wished and took in some of the sights along the way.

Something you don't see everyday, a submarine 400 kilometers (250 miles) inland!

The upper casing and conning tower of the former Oberon class Australian Navy Submarine HMAS Otway, at Holbrook, N.S.W.

The dog on the Tuckerbox memorial is supposedly based on an incident that occurred to a teamster named Bill the Bullocky who had a series of problems driving a wagon pulled by a team of bullocks that finished up with his dog sitting "or worse" on his tuckerbox.

The other bullockies thought the incident such a great joke that one of them supposedly wrote the poem to spread the story.


Try this link for more on the subject :


An interpretive centre detailing the history of the Merino Sheep, the backbone of Australian exports for many years.

Australia rode on the sheep's back was true until the boom in export of minerals and other products.

A display in the interpretive centre of toy sheep and a sheep dog in the centre.

The dog depicted is a "Red Kelpie", a breed of working door that is very common working on farms Australia wide.


Colby and Rachel arriving at Sydney Airport.


This "Quarantine Service Dog" was sure he had a villain and he didn't want to let him go. As an island continent we have been protected form many of the problems of animal and plant diseases that other countries have that share borders. The dog was an older dog but he had such a look of "Grim Determination" on his face.

Sydney Harbor Bridge, looking back towards the city of Sydney.

Looking across Sydney Harbor towards the City of Sydney, including the Opera House.

Looking across Sydney Harbor towards the Sydney Opera House.

A Sydney Harbor Ferry with the Australian Navy Tanker H.M.A.S Success, in the background, along side the main naval base for the East Coast of Australia.

A great dinner and evening in Sydney with my Aunt Joan and Uncle Gordon at their home.

Gordon was impressed to meet someone from the Great State of Alaska.

Colby feeding a couple of pelicans on the banks of the Manning River at Taree N.S.W.

The Pacific Ocean from the western side at Old Bar, N.S.W.

Bruce's (Late Uncle), former home at Old Bar, N.S.W. Taree N.S.W.

Bruce's (Late Uncle) former farm at Mount George, N.S.W. Mount George is not far from Taree., N.S.W.