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Trains, trains and more trains!

For many "boys" of all ages there is just something about trains. Steam trains, freight trains, toy trains, all sorts of trains, they all seem to have their own ability to attract the attention and even obsession of some.

Puffing Billy, Victoria, Australia.

Puffing Bill tourist railway is the sole survivor of four experimental lines used to develop rural areas in the early 1900's. Puffing Billy is now a major tourist attraction, its operation depending on hundreds of dedicated volunteers.

Puffing Billy pulling out of Belgrave Station at the start of the journey through the Dandenong Ranges, Victoria, Australia.. My few pictures don't do "Puffing Billy" any justice..

Puffing Billy crossing the first trestle bridge out of Belgrave Station Dandenong Ranges..

Colby & Rachel in front of the Puffing Billy train we rode on, to Lakeside.


The trains are the stars of the show, but without the staff there would be no show.


Most of the staff like this gentleman, are volunteers and help make a good day, great. We didn't get his name, but he originally came from England and was a real character.

Puffing Billy crossing the trestle bridge returning to Belgrave Station.

Green Puffing Billy, Belgrave Station.

Puffing Billy Pulling out of Lakeside Station, beside Emerald Lake.

The line out of Lakeside heading to Gembrook on the left. On the right is part of the picnic area at Lakeside.


Emerald lake, the reserve near Lakeside.


The reserve has picnic facilities including B.B.Q.s, a swimming pool and water slide.

At Lakeside they have what is said to be one of the worlds largest "HO Scale" model railways.

Another view of the model railway at Lakeside.

Another view of the model railway at Lakeside.

Another view of the model railway at Lakeside. Around the railway they have little plaques listing things to find.

Mornington Tourist Railway

In 1981, the state government of Victoria closed the train line connecting Frankston with Mornington further south on the Mornington Peninsula as a cost saving measure, citing low, and falling passenger patronage.

In 1984 the Mornington Peninsula Railway Preservation Society (MRPS) was formed and with hard work, in 1991 they were able to reopen the line as a heritage railway.

I took these pictures one morning when I called into their main station at Moorooduc station.


K 163, the MRPS's operational steam locomotive.

K 163, this locomotive was recently used in a movie about the bush ranger Ned Kelly.

T334 a diesel locomotive under going a repaint in their shed. The MRPS have two of these "T" Class diesel locomotives.


T411, the other "T" Class diesel locomotive with views back and front.


T411 has already been painted in the MRPS color scheme based on the old "Victorian Railways" color scheme.

A TC1 or TC2, I'm not sure which It appears to be some sort of shunting engine...

Three passenger coaches that have been restored and look fantastic. Obviously a great deal of work has been put in to bring them to such a high standard...

Part of their rolling stock collection, located in their yards...

A future project? A rail motor awaiting it's turn to be restored.

Work in progress. A gentleman I spoke to said they had been working on this project for about 8 years, seriously for about 5 years...

The same work in progress as the previous picture. The guys I spoke to obviously shared a common vision and enjoyed the work they were doing..

The Victorian Goldfields Railway.
Castlemaine & Maldon Railway Preservation Society

Whilst staying in Maldon one weekend, I went looking around the town early in the morning. I came across the Maldon Station, and like most little boys, I've had a life long fascination for trains and had many train sets as a child..

Train sets become "Model Railways" as boys become men, and for others, they progress to "the real thing". In my case, the interest remains. Whilst looking around the station on that morning, I took some photos including the ones below of the station platform and old rolling stock standing there on the tracks.

At the time these pictures were taken, the train only ran between Maldon and Muckleford, a short distance from the start. The photos at the bottom were taken after the line was connected with Castlemaine.

Maldon Station platform - early morning.

An F Class Diesel Electric 0-6-0 Shunting Engine and a diesel electric rail motor. If I get the descriptions wrong I'm sorry...

Some of the old rolling stock, in the yards of the railway.

There was a variety of carriages, goods trucks and this rail motor, all that appeared to have seen better days.

An old "E Class" 0-6-2 Tank Engine outside The Maldon Station. This locomotive appeared to have been stripped of many of it's original fittings and looks unlikely to ever go again.

I believe this is the engine the Central Goldfields Railways railway site refers to as K 157. This 2-8-0 locomotive that is at Maldon is being used for spare parts for their other K Class engines.

After taking the train from Maldon to Muckleford, the steam locomotive J549 and the diesel locomotive F212 changing ends for the return trip.

J549 and F212 shunting up to hook up after changing ends for the return trip.

After taking the train from Maldon to Muckleford, the steam locomotive J549 and the diesel locomotive F212 changing ends for the return trip.

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