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Pictures of ships visiting Australia.

One of the past times I have enjoyed for as long as I can remember was going to look at ships, especially naval vessels from Australia and other countries.

On many occasions, in many types of weather, my brother Ken and I, and later Conda and I went to places including Port Melbourne to watch on the horizon for the telling shape of many different ships making a port call in Melbourne.

USS Hoel - DDG 13.
Melbourne, Australia - 1983.

These pictures were taken by Ken, of the USS Hoel in Melbourne, 1983.

Approaching Melbourne.

USS Hoel - First impressions of Melbourne ?

Preparing to fire the line.

Trivia: What tune was the band playing ?

USS Hoel, Sailor Manning the rails.

USS Hoel, Best Adams Class there was ?

Checking all is well.

House keeping, it never stops.

More House Keeping.

Direction Finder, directions to what ?

Additional photos of the visit are available,
if interested Email Ken :

The New Zealand Navy Tanker Endeavor at Station Pier Melbourne.

The Spirit of Tasmania 2 in Melbourne late afternoon May 2003.

The two, then newly commissioned ferries to run between Melbourne and Devonport in Tasmania, Australia's island state to the south of Victoria. This is expected to be the only time both ships will be in Melbourne together as one leaves each port, morning and evening, daily.

The Queen Elizabeth the Second in Melbourne during early 2002 on what was said to be it's second last visit. (The last visit was early this year) The picture was taken early in the morning as it was docking for about a 16 hour stop over. The ship has since made a number of other visits and is due to visit again early next year.

The New Zealand Navy Frigate Canterbury. During the seventies this ship was sent to observe French nuclear testing in the south pacific.

The New Zealand Navy Frigate Canterbury with a refueling barge alongside shortly after their arrival at Port Melbourne.

Canterbury's life ring at the gangway. The ship was open to visitors during it's stay in Melbourne, something that isn't allowed on US ships anymore and strangely, also not allowed during this visit by the Australian Frigate HMAS Newcastle that was moored along the Warf from Canterbury.

The New Zealand Navy Frigate Canterbury & Australian Navy Frigate Newcastle (right side of picture) at Station Pier, November 2004.

The New Zealand Navy Frigate Canterbury & Australian Navy Frigate Newcastle (right side of picture) at Station Pier, November 2004.

The Australian Navy Frigate Newcastle. This ship has done several tours of the gulf region since the first gulf war.

The Australian Navy Frigate Newcastle arrival at Port Melbourne.

The Newcastle's Seahawk helicopter, a marine version of the Blackhawks used by the Australian, and other Armies.

The Newcastle's Life ring showing their ships crest at the gangway, Port Melbourne Victoria.

The main fleet base for the east coast of Australia is on Sydney Harbor.

During the Christmas holiday period, I don't know who was patrolling our east coast, because many of the ships based in Sydney, seemed to be tied up there!

Some of the fleet based on Sydney Harbor, at Fleet Base East. This is the main naval base for the east coast of Australia.

The Australian Navy Frigate Newcastle. This ship has done several tours of the gulf region since the first gulf war.

The Australian Navy Frigate Stuart. This ship, only a few years old started it's career arresting a North Korean registered ship off the New South Wales Coast on suspicion of involvement in the landing of drugs on the Victorian Coast.

This is the North Korean registered ship, Pong Su, arrested by HMAS Stuart off the NSW coast after involvement in landing drugs on the Victoria coast.

The ship was sunk by 2, 2000 pound laser guided bombs dropped from RAAF F-111 aircraft on March 23, 2006.

The Australian Navy Frigate Ballarat. This ship was built in Melbourne, near where we live. The ship has only been in commission a year or two but has had an unfortunate grounding, damaging the rudders and propellers. I'll bet someone got into trouble at "The Inquiry"!

The tanker Success, one of the two Australian Navy Tankers. It seems to be riding high which would indicate that it's probably empty.

The landing ship Trobuk. This ship is named after the port of Trobuk in North Africa where Australian troops fought in WWII.

Visit of The USS Port Royal to Melbourne, Australia

Daily, after checking my e-mail, I also check the Port of Melbourne Website to see what ships are due in Melbourne over the next few days. If possible, we go to watch the arrival and take photos. On February 17, I saw that the USS Port Royal was due to dock in Melbourne the next day. Conda and I got to talking and she remarked that she missed the company of Americans. With this in mind, I contacted the ship through their website and extended an invitation to a home cooked meal and hospitality, in exchange for the companionship of some of Conda's fellow countrymen.

I don't know what I expected, but fairly quickly we got a reply from the ship followed by an acceptance of our offer. What followed, was very pleasant B.B.Q lunch with 5 members of the ships crew, a drive around the Mornington Peninsula and another B.B.Q for dinner before returning them to their ship.

The 5 guys from the ship, all engine room personnel were great ambassadors for their ship, their Navy and their country. We can only hope they enjoyed their visit as much as we enjoyed having them as guests in our home. We also hope to have the opportunity to to make similar offers to other ships visiting Melbourne in the future.

The USS Port Royal rounding Station Pier, Melbourne, with the assistance of tugs.

The USS Port Royal getting closer to docking at Station Pier, Melbourne, Victoria.

The USS Port Royal almost along side Station Pier.

There were plenty of Victorian Police to handle demonstrators, but alas, there were no demonstrators!!

The guys down at "Citation Oval" near Mornington Victoria. The plaque at "Citation Oval". This park is part off the area where US Marines who were involved in the Battle of Guadal Canal were sent to rest during World War Two.

The Marines were awarded a Presidential Citation for their efforts during the battle. Many US service personnel were stationed in Victoria in this, and other areas of Australia during the war.

Four of the guys coming down the chair lift at Arthur's Seat.

The Captain of the ship sent us a signed photo of their ship and a couple of caps, which we were very grateful to receive.