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Walsh Pets.

Walsh family pets have traditionally lived long and pampered lives, often spoiled rotten!

Sarah was the first pet I bought when I moved into "Wirilda". As kitten, she could just about fit into the palm of my hand, now her and another cat can make finding room in bed for me, difficult.

Sarah also knows about beds, although she is more likely to take over the bed after everybody else has got up. If she sees Conda heading for a nap during the day, she will beat Conda to the bed!

Sophie is the "Alpha Kitty" and queen of her domain and would enjoy her rule if only the others would understand and accept her position and importance.

Be careful sitting on our bed.. Lumps and bumps in the bed are likely to be Destiny.. She loves a cave to hide in for warmth and to hide from "Sophie bin Laden" who may mount an unprovoked attack at any time.

A cat has to do do what a cat cat has to do !! Tiger here, is in the cat cubby catching some sun.

If he isn't here catching the sun, he is usually rolling on the concrete floor

The "Cat Cubby" is a bird aviary type cage attached to the side of the house so that the cats can go outside through a cat door in the bedroom window. They can sun themselves or enjoy fresh air with out annoying others or face dangers like being run over by cars.

Life is tough for the little gentleman... When there is nobody ready to play and no trouble to get out of, or into, it's time for the basket in front of the heater..

Sarah loves boxes as do most cats but she will crawl into the smallest boxes she can find.. This box only just fits.."

Roger is a cat statuette, made of resin that Ken, my older brother gave me for my birthday a few years ago. The female cats came into the room, looked at Roger and just walked on by.

Tiger came in, looked at Roger and fluffed up and began spitting and hissing at him. It took Tiger, and others some time to work out that Roger wasn't real.

Forrest is ready, ready for anything. Forrest just wants to be part of what ever is going on.

He is friendly, well a little over friendly at times...

Budgies, Russell, closest to the camera and Rosie make up the Walsh Family here in our little home in "The Land Down Under.."
Sadly, Russell passed away earlier this year.

Tiger coming out of the "Cat Cubby" Penthouse..

Guess who has the basket!!!!

An explanation is as unnecessary as is the chance of denying the truth of this sign!

Forrest out on the deck waiting for a kind word or a treat, he's equally happy with either.


Ready to roll. Forrest loves a ride in the car or even better, a ride in the back of the ute, or pick up/truck as they are called in the US.

After his first ride, I found I had to attach is harness "off center" or all I would see in the side mirror was his grin!


Sophie has become much more playful of late.

During winter, both Sophie and Tiger would hurry each morning to get on the heater before the other.


The left hand picture is Tiger still asleep in bed. He has learned that during the cold nights, the best place for a cat is in bed.

The right hand picture is Tiger with the prized heater position during winter.

More than any of the other cats, Sarah has always loved boxes and bags. Often, within seconds of an empty box or bag being placed on the floor, Sarah will be in it.

There are times when it all become too much for Tiger, and he has to take himself out onto his deck in the "Cat Cubby" and relax.

Sarah will "allow" Tiger to snuggle up where as the other two wont. If Tiger tried to get this close to the other two cats there would be a riot! As the only male cat, life can be difficult living with three cranky females!

We think that Destiny may be blind or very nearly blind. If anything is moved see gets very panicked and has been seen to walk into things.

We think this is why she is so grumpy with the other cats.

Non Walsh Pets.

The following pictures are of animals that are not Walsh Pets, but do have some association to our home or family.

"Arky" isn't one of our pets, rather he belongs to neighbors across the road. Recently Arky escaped and spent a couple of days on the run before taking up residence in a tree in the house behind us.

His people "took him into custody" and now we only hear him screeching in his cage when he has some thoughts he wishes to share....

* I saw a "Lost Cockatoo Notice" in a local shop the other day, it seems Arky may have gone missing again !

We have a pair of Magpies that visit our home regularly. Last year they turned up with a baby and have done so again this year with a new baby. Here the male gets ready for his bath.

Here the male magpie is enjoying his bath.

I usually have to refill the water tray a couple of times per day, especially during the warmer weather.

Here are two shots of this year's baby magpie waiting in the tree.

Often the female and baby will land on the ground among the bread and seed I leave out for the birds, and the baby squawks until it's mother will feed it.

After being fed the baby will usually sit in one of the trees whilst the parents explore our garden and the surrounding gardens whilst keeping an eye on their baby. Magpies are known to often become very aggressive during the nesting season, but we never had a problem with "Our Maggies!"

Walsh Pets and animals in Oregon.

Scroll up for Walsh Pets and animals in Australia.

The following pictures are of our pets and animals in Oregon.

After Sophie's time to go arrived, although she and Tiger didn't get along that well, he became very lonely on his own so we adopted Sassy Cassie.

Cassie and Tiger became almost inseparable right away, and can be found often snuggled together where ever they can find comfort.

There are times they both want their own space, and all the attention they can get.

Tiger has become very creative when he just wants a little time out to himself.

Cassie wants, almost demands attention on her terms, something that doesn't help productivity.

Most of the time when I'm working at the computer Miss Cassie isn't far away!

Yowie Mowie adopted us after we think she was abandoned. She announces her presence loudly when we arrive home, hence her name!

The "Inside Cats" of which Mowie would love to be one, live in comfort that she can currently only dream of. She normally lives under the house where she at least gets some shelter.

Yowie Mowie isn't the only adoptee that joined us. A group of raccoons live in the area and compete for her food.

After dark, a tell tale heavy thump on the porch usually announces "The Gang" have arrived.