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In and around Melbourne, Capitol City
of the State of Victoria, Australia.

The City of Melbourne is the state capital of Victoria. From Federation in 1901 until 1927, the Federal Parliment sat in Melbourne until the creation of The Australian Capital Territory and Canberra, the national Capital.

Welcome sign at Port Melbourne, the entry point for many immigrants after World War 2 in to Australia until the age of air travel.

Two Melbourne icons with history, Princes Pier, along with Station Pier (pic taken from Station Pier). The Westgate bridge that collapsed during construction.... Conda didn't know that until now, although we have been over it many times..

Not many years ago, this area was a desolate industrial waste land with an old oil refinery storage tanks ect. littering the area. It has been cleaned up and turned into a very nice and very pricey residential precinct.

More apartments in the Port Melbourne area...


Some of the apartments that have been built on what had been industrial waste ground.

Melbourne C.B.D. from the Bolte Bridge, crossing over the Yarra River.

The Grand Hotel, Melbourne. A Hotel set up in an old building close to the growing residential section of the city.

One of Melbourne's articulated trams or light rail vehicles.

More older styled buildings nestled in and around the base of the newer and more modern ones.

Parliment House, Melbourne and the seat of the state govenment.

This old building in Melbourne was being used as a museum but I think it was the Melbourne Mint.

Another day in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Another group of photos taken in Melbourne, although this day, the weather was less than favorable.


The old and the new. On the right is the Melbourne General Post Office and the left, The Eureka Tower.


The Eureka Tower, still under construction was then said to be the tallest residential tower in the Southern Hemisphere.

One of the features or attractions of Melbourne, are it's trams or light rail vehicles as they are known in some parts of the worlds. The tram shown is one an the old "W Class". With the exception of promoting special events, for the majority of time all Melbourne trams were painted in green and gold schemes similar to the one shown.

Since the privatization of the tram network the traditional color scheme has largely been dumped with many painted up to advertise all sorts of products similar to the one shown here.

This articulated tram is shown in the base color scheme of the company that now operates the tram network.

This articulated tram is one of the newer models that have been introduced to the system. These trams have low floor levels to make access easier.


I suppose many major cities have a "China Town" and Melbourne is no different.


The street has many restaurants and the most amazing aromas.

The State Library of Victoria. Another example of architecture from long ago that has much more character than today's.

A statue of Sir Redmon Barry, a former Judge of the Supreme Court of Victoria out the front of the State Library.

Two more statues out the front of the State Library. On the left, Saint George slaying he dragon and Joan of Arc on the right.

A sculpture out the front of the State Library. A friend of ours, during his time as a wedding photographer took a brilliant picture of the bride and groom featuring this sculpture.

Underground railway stations, like the one I used at the "Melbourne Central Shopping Center" is like any other.

This fully functional, oversized pocket watch was a little unusual though.


When they came to build the "Melbourne Central Shopping Center" the shot tower shown here was in the way and a classified heritage building.


They overcame the problem by building around and including it within the shopping center. In the base of the tower there is a number of stores.