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Kergunyah & Region Trip - January 2004.

Victoria to Sydney

Early January, Conda and I were able to get away for a few days to the Albury / Wodonga region of Victoria on the border with New South Wales. We stayed at a place called "Wyuna of Kergunyah" where we did a lot, and nothing.

The weather was warm to hot, and the organized plans eased to a lazier pace that included visits to the nearby towns of Yackandandah and Beechworth.

For our trip away, Conda had booked us into cabin style accommodation called "Wyuna of Kergunya", in the northern part of Victoria.

Wyuna was a collection of cabins that had been assembled into an accommodation center in a quiet rural setting.

Our cabin, was clean, well equipped and comfortable, catering for up to four in the two bedrooms.

There was a swimming pool available. We avoided it during the heat of the day, and by evening, we were too comfortable inside, in air conditioned comfort.


During our stay, our hosts told us there was another guest staying in the cabin next door, although we didn't see or hear from her.


These two "residents" did however make themselves known, with the male, continually perching on the tank stand peep in the kitchen window.

Kergunya is located in a valley of farmland framed, by hills and mountains on either side.


More of the rolling hilly countryside of the Kergunya region, and the imaginative use of an old computer as a mail box.

This is probably the best was to ensure no virus infection with your mail!

In the region there are many small, country towns like Beechworth pictured here. Most have the character and charm that comes with a slower pace and building style from yesteryear.

The hotel in the main street of town had an almost "Old Western" feel to it. It would be easy to imagine horses tied up or even gun fighters in the main street!

The difference between our home town and Beechworth, were as great as the differences between this delivery truck and the ones we use today, shown opposite.

Looking into the older truck I was amazed at how simplistic and basic it was.

No air-ride seat, air conditioning or even CD player!


The Beechworth Prison, still in use and I wasn't too keen on sampling their hospitality.

The prison has links to the days of Ned Kelly from way back in the late 1800's when some members of the gang were held there.

They were concerned that there may have been attempts to break them out, so the main wooden doors were replaced with steel.

We did find a plesant little park in Beechworth to have a picnic lunch.

The day was fairly warm, but the breeze and shade under the trees made it quite plesant.

I did beg Conda's indulgence to have a look through the Bandiana Army Museum, near Wodonga.

Understandably, the museum was of little interest to her so I tried to get through fairly quickly. Unfortunately, when I donated the change from my admission, a couple of the volunteers in the museum felt that entitled me to a guided tour. Their information was very interesting but it did slow me down considerably.


Uniforms of Australian soldiers from both WWI and WWII.


An exhibit depicting a trooper form The Australian Light Horse, (Cavalry) from WWI.

The museum has many exhibits from the Army Catering Corp including this one that was returned from Vietnam.

Also returned from Vietnam, an Armored Personnel Carrier that has been modified with the addition of the gun turret

A Centurion Tank on the right. This tank was damaged in Vietnam and sent to the museum instead of returning it to service.

Vehicles outside the museum, included this bridge laying tank based on the same Centurion tanks shown in the previous picture.

A Bell 47G Helicopter used by the Army in a reconnaissance role. It was this type of helicopter that was also used in the long running TV program, MASH

Signs showing the correct spelling of some of the many small towns through out the area.

Yackandandah, like Beechworth, was a town from yesteryear. The town featured in a film shot in 2003 with Paul Hogan in one of the main roles.

The garage shown on the right has been replace by a moden building, but it's around the back of the town away from the main street as it doesn't suit the theme and character of the rest of the town.

Over at the hotel, it looked like someone had a sense of humor.

I spotted this sign on the Yackandandah Hotel in the main street.