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Australian Photographic Features
Frankston to Adelaide
Adelaide to Canberra

Family Holiday Trip - 2005

Canberra to Sydney Section:

Canberra is only about 286 kilometers (116 miles) or three hours from Sydney so we didn't take any pictures.

As we had some rain and I think we all just wanted to get there, so apart from lunch, we had very few stops on the way.

The Formule1 Hotel at Wentworthville, near Sydney, NSW. We have stayed at this, and other similar hotels in the group many times.

The hotels provide good clean basic rooms at very cheap prices. The rooms don't have cooking facilities but do provide comfortable beds and showers for prices ranging from around $59 to $79 per night for up to three people. There is a range of food and drinks available from vending machines as well as a community laundry, fridge and microwave. They also have "Hotspots" to connect to the Internet with wireless equipped laptop computers.

While staying in Sydney, we always visit our Aunt and Uncle living at Westmead, around five minutes from the Hotel.

Joan and Gordon have always made us very welcome in their home and its always the high point of any visit to Sydney or NSW.


Making us welcome, and putting up with photos with such an unsavory bunch!

I think this trip was the most technologically involved trip the Walsh family has made in years.

With my laptop and each of us with a digital camera, it took a bit of organizing at times. Thankfully, I had two able assistants while we were in Sydney.

Here Ken and Gordon, along with some suitable refreshment assist with work on this web page.

The obligatory picture of the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

And a picture of The Sydney Opera House. There is more to Sydney that these two icons!

Circular Quay, (pronounced key) Sydney, a major public transport hub where the trains and ferries converge.

A view of the Sydney's expansive skyline. The tall "pole" sticking up in the center of the picture is a restaurant!

Fort Denison was built for prisoner confinement and punishment of convicts during the early days of settlement. During the mid 19th century a fort was built on the island to protect Sydney Harbor.

Fort Denison is now a tourist destination with tours and a cafe.

One of the Sydney Harbor ferries heading off and about to pass the Opera House.

Sydney has an extensive network for ferries and assorted water craft providing public transport to "Sydney Siders" for their daily commute from and around Sydney Harbor.

Another of the Sydney Harbor ferries docking at Circular Quay, Sydney.

A river cat ferry backing out from Circular Quay, Sydney. The river cats are designed to travel on the rivers only making a very small bow wake and minimizing damage to the river banks.

Beyond Sydney

After we leaving Sydney, we had a fairly uneventful trip back to Melbourne down the Hume Freeway. "The Hume" is the major connecting freeway between Australia's two most populous cities, Melbourne in Victoria and Sydney in New South Wales.

Every trip needs a mascot, and Roger was ours! The following photos in this section are from Roger's section followed by a collection of the majority of the animals we saw.

Roger's Holiday!

Roger is a cat made of resin that was mistaken for a real cat by a fellow quilter and friend, from Canada, that Conda met in an online quilt guild. Kellie was teased a little over her mistake, but she shouldn't have felt bad as Tiger, our male cat freaked out when he first saw this intruder in his domain and proceeded to swat and hiss at it!

Initially, to continue the joke we decided to take Roger with us and take pictures of him on "His" holiday. This attracted more than a few curious and concerned stares as our mascot was placed in various locations for his photo ops!

Ready to roll, October 23rd at 5am, the perfect time to get under way.

On Great Ocean Road, along Victoria's South West Coast.


Portland Victoria, and Roger was attracted to this "special" chicken outlet.


Our accommodation for the second night, near Mount Gambier, South Australia.

Approved by Roger


Sight seeing near Mount Gambier, South Australia.

A rugged "cat of action" also near Mount Gambier, South Australia.


Fabric shopping and increasing his circle of acquaintances, Mount Gambier, South Australia.

When people asked about Roger, it was surprising how the reacted and then included him in the event.


Making the acquaintance of "The Big Lobster", Kingston S.E. in South Australia.


Even a cat has to rest some time.

With two new friends and with Conda, at Kirkendal, Adelaide, South Australia.

Roger hanging out with a couple of mates and fellow cat family members.

The lonely job of guard cats protecting a building on Melbourne Road, Adelaide.


Meandering in Narrandera, New South Wales.

Glowing in Goulburn, New South Wales.

More fabric shopping in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory..

Relaxing by the pool at the Bailey residence at Westmead, New South Wales, Australia.

Car loaded and ready to leave the hotel and head home on the last day.

Roger traveled through three states, and the Australian Capital Territory.

He picked up a new girlfriend Clarice, and a big sausage on his trip, but I think his heart is really in Canada!

Animals on our trip.

During our trip, we visited Adelaide Zoo, The Canberra Zoo, The Sydney Zoo and a couple of Wildlife Parks and took many pictures of the birds and animals we saw.

I decided not even going to try and put details of the animals down for fear of showing how incomplete my knowledge on the subject is, so it's only the pictures.