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Frankston City - Victoria, Australia.


Frankston City, as it is now called, is located on the eastern side of Port Phillip Bay, about 40 minutes from Melbourne, the state capital,

I have lived in the Frankston area since I was brought with the family, as a baby in 1959.

During that time much of it has changed, not all of it for the best or in ways I would have done things if I had the say, but it's still a great place to live.

Conda, in the Car at Oliver's Hill look out, Mt Eliza, Victoria, Australia. This look out is one of our favorite places. The views of Frankston, Port Phillip Bay and towards the city of Melbourne, day or night are great.

Sun starting to set over Port Phillip Bay.

Sitting here in the car over looking the bay and eating lunch or dinner wasn't a bad way to spend time.

Looking from the look out, towards the City of Frankston.

More of the sun starting to set, as seen from the look out.

"Red sky at night, Shepard's, and or Sailor's delight", I believe...

Conda and I have minor disputes over spelling because of the differences in the English language between Australia and America.

We, and other family members now have some differences over sayings. Conda had remembered the saying "Red sky at night Shepard's delight, red sky in the morning Shepard's take warning" or similar where I had remembered the saying essentially the same but as Sailor's delight and warning, not Shepard's. After some searching, I have found many references on the internet that have the saying both ways, with the origins suggested to have come from the Northern Hemisphere.

I can only wonder as to the problems we would have trying to translate into Chinese!!!


Beauty Park is one of many recreational areas in Frankston.

This park has facilities including an ornamental lake, BBQs, a pavilion and children's playground equipment.


A variety of wild ducks have made the lake at Beauty Park their home.

Just across the road from Beauty Park is the Frankston VFL Football ground.

The VFL is the second level of "Australian Rules" football, and to many is almost a religion!

Sadly, this historic grandstand caught fire in the last few years and was burnt to the ground!


A close up of the grandstand and logo of Frankston Football Club - The Peninsula Dolphins.


Saint Paul's, Anglican church in Frankston. One of the many churches in Frankston, with this one lucky enough to have a prime position over looking the bay. The "tilt" in the tower is a limitation of my camera lens, the tower isn't falling over!

During summer, the beaches of Frankston are well patronized. The bayside beaches provide for swimming, sailing, fishing and in fact almost all type of water activities.

The Frankston Waterfront is the center piece of the foreshore redevelopment by the Frankston Council. Part of this "redevelopment" involved the removal of the nearby Sea Scout and Senior Citizens Club halls.

Frankston Foreshore Redevelopment

To some, the removal of the Scout Hall and Senior Citizen's Club Halls may have improved the area but to me, I think it was a sad mistake.

As a kid, while I was in scouts, I remember the times along with six or eight other scouts, we were able to drag our boats on their trailers and launch them into the water. With the hall gone from the area, that experience has now gone, and in return, all we have is a few extra square feet of grass.

I think adults who had long ago forgotten their childhoods, made bad decisions.