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Constev - Walsh Computers.

While we were living in Australia, computers were my main hobby, and they still are. There are people who think that up to ten computers on a home network in a house with only two people is excessive, but I believe they just lack imagination!


Our computer setup.

I did resent the implication that I had computers all over the house.

The diagram on the left clearly shows there are only computers in three rooms.

There are no computers in our bedroom, the kitchen, bathroom, utility room, (laundry) or hall, yet!

My main workstation. I do use the 4 computers shown here.

They all have their jobs and purposes including checking my email, working on my web pages and of course playing scrabble!

Conda's workstation. The left hand computer has the printers connected to it and was mostly used to play scrabble, but it's a bit temperamental and will only play when it's in the mood.

The right hand computer is Conda's main computer.

This is our guest workstation and Conda's sewing center.

Originally I set up the computer with the sewing machine so she could work on online quilt programs, but it's main use is when my brother Ken comes over so we can play games together.

I have heard that games were played around boards on tables, but I couldn't see where the board was supposed to plug in, so we just use the computers.

This is my repair department in the guest room. I can connect another computer up to the same monitor, keyboard and mouse with the ability to download drivers and programs to fix a computer that's not behaving.

My repair Computer, also available for guests using the room, to have access to the internet.

My poor old laptop computer is getting old and slow, but it does have it's uses.

I take it with us on holidays to download photos out of Conda's digital camera.

Every home needs a computer in the living room. This one has a digital TV card in it allowing me to record TV programs to the hard disk to view later, or burn to DVD if I want to keep it.

We were doing this before DVD Recorders became readily available to home users.

Just about everybody understands the need for a mouse and mouse pad, but not everybody realizes you also need a cat and cat pad for successful computing.

Tiger doesn't make many positive contributions to the operation, but he is there for moral support.

I replaced my laptop computer when my job finished with a "Digital Electronic Gateway", at least that's what the label says.

The new "laptop" has wireless networking and all sorts of stuff that's fun to play with.

At the time this new laptop seemed such a leap forward from the old laptop. In 2009 I purchased another laptop that was a similar jump ahead, but at a quarter the price of this one shown here.