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Chinese New Year - 2006.

January 28th was Chinese New Year and our friend Mario's Birthday. We celebrated both occasions at the Happy Court Chinese Restaurant near where we live.

The shop where Happy Court is located had been run as a Chinese restaurant for many years, until new owners changed to a Thai menu.

The change to Thai didn't really catch on with the locals and again the business changed hands.

New owners, Helen & Michael reverted to a more traditional style Chinese menu.

Jenny & Gary, pictured here, talked Helen and Michael into producing a Chinese New Year Banquet.

Jenny & Gary, long time Walsh family friends, neighbors, and frequent customers at Happy Court, personally invited a select number of their friends to participate. Thirty of us came to party!

Jenny & Gary not only decorated the restaurant for Helen, but also provided music for dancing, entertainment and comic relief. I'll never think of Pizza Hunt, Mc Donalds or Kentucky Fried Chicken the same way again!

Here Ken and Gary chat during the evening's festivities.

We also used the occasion to celebrate our friend Mario's birthday. The gentleman standing behind Mario wasn't a guest, he was in fact the serviceman trying to get the air conditioner to work properly.

Mario was contemplating the meal to come.

The banquet we had was outstanding. We stopped counting at 5 courses and they just kept coming. I was very relieved when I heard that Jenny had told them no more food, except for dessert!


Chinese Mario.

Ken, myself and Conda waiting for the meal to begin.

Chinese Ken getting into the spirit of the evening.

Conda's turn with the Chinese hat.

Gee I'm glad the wind didn't change...


Michael and Helen take a break so we can thank them for their hard work, hospitality and a great night out.