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Conda is now an Australian.


In a ceremony at the Frankston City Council Chambers on December 16th, 2005, Conda became an Australian Citizen.

The citizenship ceremony was presided over by "Her Worship, Vicki McClelland", the Mayor of Frankston City. Vicki has just recently been elected mayor.

This was the first citizenship ceremony she had conducted. It went very well. Opening the ceremony and administering the oath, Vicki handed each new Australian their Citizenship Certificate. Forty people from different countries and cultures, became Australian Citizens.


Each participating official presented a gift to the new Australians.

In this picture, the Right Honorable, Mr. Bruce Billson MP, our Federal Member of Parliament presented books on Australia.


Ms Rosy Buchanan, State MP (Member of Parliament) for Hastings, the adjoining electorate, presented medallions.


The gifts presented to the new Australians included, the citizenship certificate, a book on Australia, a medallion and a native tree.


Going through the presentation line, Conda made a comment to Vicki regarding an "inside" joke relating to footwear. This got a laugh from everyone, and Vicki in particular showed great humor. Mr. Geoff Hilton, State Member for Westernport Province, presented Conda with her native tree.

It's official, Conda is now an Australian Citizen.

Lamingtons, part of the great Australian Cuisine. Vanilla sponge cake, dipped in chocolate and rolled in coconut.

Part of every Aussie childhood. Though Conda can't understand, or stand it, Vegemite occupies the same position peanut butter and jelly (PB&J) does, for American kids.

Another iconic Australian delicacy, the pie and sauce. Served at almost every sporting event, the pie occupies the position of the American hot dog.

To celebrate an American becoming an Australian, we went out for lunch at a Chinese Restaurant.

Conda pictured here with long standing family friend, Jean.

Ken and Lorraine, pictured here with Jean, also helped celebrate the day.