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Maldon, Victoria, Australia.

Maldon, in central Victoria, was and is one of our favorite places to visit and some where genuinely miss since moving to Oregon.

Agatha Panthers & Maldon, Victoria, Australia combine 2 very special features that ensure a great break from the day to day problems of daily life. Clean, comfortable cottages in a beautiful part of the world.

In the well equipped cottages, a few minutes spent reading the guest book, will show many others have enjoyed the hospitality of great hosts. Choosing either the single bedroom, with a spa that is great for couples or the two bedroom with room for the family, you will find a very high standard of comfort and excellent facilities.

The Maldon area is a beautiful, quiet and tranquil area, almost from another era. The clean air, village style shopping and peaceful atmosphere, combined with spectacular historical and natural attractions, once experienced, won't be forgotten.

The two cottages were only a few years old, when we visited but still had the "new and well presented" appearance and feel. They are also very well equipped and very comfortable.

The cottages are the same basic design with a couple of different features. This one, with the single bedroom has beautiful big spa, with room for two.

The two bedroom cottage has the second bedroom, off the living room. This cottage, in place of the spa, has a washing machine, that although not as much fun for a couple is sure practical if you stay for a few days or have the kids along.

Both cottages have a veranda or porch (for the Americans) that provides a restful place to sit looking out towards Mount Alexander in the distance.

The view looking out towards Mount Alexander. My photo doesn't do justice to the view and will be replaced with a better one from a future visit.

Replacing the picture was a good plan that I never got around to on the many subsequent visits we made to this great place to stay.

The crisp and cool of early morning in the tranquil countryside, at Agatha Panthers, is such a relief from the normal hectic day to day rush.


More of the insides of the cottages. Behind the sliding door, in the wall, is to the second bedroom, in the two bedroom cottage.

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