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I've found YouTube!

I recently heard the term "Web 2.0" and wondering what it meant I did a search and found like so many things related to the internet there were many things it could mean.

The strongest definition seemed to say that Web 2.0 related to websites that were designed for interaction and community meeting and sharing like Facebook, Myspace and YouTube. I don't know or care if that's right or wrong, but it was during this process that I found and used YouTube for the first time. I don't claim to be a professional movie maker, like our whole web page, and my involvement with computers, it's just on of my hobbies.

Steve !!

Video One, Australian Submarine (RAN) on the surface

A Royal Australian Navy, Collins Class submarine on the surface in Sydney Harbor, March 2006.

Before Conda and I left Australia to migrate to Oregon in the U.S. we visited Sydney to see our relatives living there. While in Sydney, Ken and I took the opportunity to spend the day on Sydney Harbor. While traveling to Many by ferry we spotted this sub traveling on the surface in the channel, appearing to be heading to the heads to leave the harbor.

Video Two, Victorian Goldfields Railway

This video is a collection of video and still photos taken on and around the Victorian Goldfields tourist railway between Maldon and Castlemaine in Victoria, Australia.

Video Three, RAAF Australian & U.S. Classic Aircraft.

This video is a slide show of classic aircraft photos taken mostly in Australia, but also in Oregon, U.S.A.

Video Four, Armed Forces Day, 2008
Oregon National Guard.

On May 15th, 2008 on the Capitol Mall, in Salem, the State Capitol of Oregon they held Armed Forces Day. This was to give people the chance to meet and thank the members of the National Guard who are currently serving their country overseas as well as at home. This video is a slide show and some video from that day.

Video Five, Meadows & Lake Kathleen Railroad
Deadwood, Oregon..

Earlier this year I read an article in the "Statesman Journal" the daily paper here in Salem. It had a story about a Ray Robinson, a resident of Deadwood, Oregon who with the help of friends had built a model railway over a period of around ten years.

Sometime after the railway had been finished he began to have trouble with the local authorities over permits he should have obtained. I was fortunate to develop a friendship with Ray and have visited his railway a number of times.

Video Six, Meadows & Lake Kathleen Railroad(2)
Deadwood, Oregon.

My second YouTube Video of Ray & Kathleen Robinsons remarkable Meadows & Lake Kathleen Railway.