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Salem-Keizer Volcanoes, My First Baseball Game.


Since we came to the US a little over two years ago I haven't had much time to get interested in the sports here.

The American style football doesn't do much for me, but I felt that I could get interested in Baseball. I had mentioned this to Garry a friend of ours who, at a fund raiser for his grand children's school, successfully bid on a package for a night at a Salem-Kaiser Volcanoes Base- ball game.


Ron & Jean Fisher of The Lakepoint Law Firm, (5605 Inland Shores Way N, Suite 206, Keizer, OR 97301) had generously made available four seats in their box at the stadium, to assist the school with their fundraising.

Unfortunately, Jean was ill on the night we went, but Ron was a fabulous host and really made our night. We were pampered and really taken care of by our host Ron, in the deluxe conditions of their box.


As it was my first game, I was given lots of advice on what was happening and I'm sure I will grow to, not only understand the game, but enjoy it as well.

My only concern for the evening was that Ron and his friends didn't seem to understand that it was them who had the accents, not me, the only Australian there!!


The conditions in the box, and treatment of our host made it a very special evening.

From what I could see, from any where, in the stadium you would be able to get good views of the game in a very family friendly atmosphere.

I'm already looking forward to my next game.

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One of these characters is Crater, the team mascot who came to see the kids and the other more frightening one is Garry, in the comfortable conditions of the box.

The Volcanoes played well and came in second, which out of two teams isn't as good as second out of fifty teams or winning!!

Seriously I want to thank Garry and his wife Toni for getting the tickets, and I'm sure they will both want to join with me in thanking our hosts, Ron and Jean for a really great evening.

Go Volcanoes !!