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Tillamook Air Museum:
July 4th Weekend, 2006.

When Conda and I visited the United States in 2001, we visited the Tillamook Air Museum and I hoped for the chance to return someday.

Conda wasn't interested in the aircraft as I was, but waited patiently while I looked at the aircraft, during our weekend away.

An A4 Skyhawk mounted on a pole gives the first indication of the museum.

The museum is housed in the surviving one, of two hangers that were built and used during WWII for US Navy blimps stationed at Tillamook Naval Air Station. The other hanger was destroyed by fire in 1992.

A greater appreciation of the size of the building, that is supposedly the largest wooden structure in the world can be gained by comparing the two pictures.

The area circled in yellow in the left hand picture, is shown on the right hand side. The windows on the door in front of the DC3/C47 aircraft , I guessing would be around 15 to 20 feet high.

The Building.

For more about The building housing the "Tillamook Air Museum", visit their website by clicking on the image on the right.

The image to the right was "borrowed" from Tillamook's website to help induce you to visit.

Many things in the United States are big. The museum hangers are big and so is this aircraft here.

The Boeing 377 Stratocruiser or Mini Guppy is part of a family of aircraft that were developed from, and using parts from the WWII B29 bombers.

Some of the aircraft in this family served as early airlines and the stretched versions like this one were used to carry large items including aircraft parts.

The F14 Tomcat shown here is the type of aircraft featured in the film with Tom Cruise; "Top Gun". Tomcats have only recently been retired from front line service with the US Navy.

The cockpit shot above shows the very cramped conditions the pilots worked in. I don't think I could handle being shut into such a small space.

It's ironic that here in the US, along side the F14 Tomcat, a former US Navy front line fighter bomber is a former cold war era Soviet Mig 17.

Both retired and at peace alongside each other !

The A7 Corsair shown here, a veteran of the First Gulf War, is designed to shot and drop things on the bad guys.

Nice to see from the sign shown on the right that they try to stop things falling on the good guys!

These markings and sign explaining their meanings, show some of the history of this former US Navy A7 Corsair used during the first Gulf War.

The aircraft in the left hand picture with the yellow under the wings, is a Catalina Amphibian of WWII vintage that was capable of landing on land or sea.

The aircraft in the right hand picture is a Neptune maritime patrol aircraft. This aircraft was used by the US Navy and the Royal Australian Air Force, as well as other countries.

Two shots of a P51 Mustang fighter. Mustangs were used extensively during WWII by many forces including Australia.

It was announced recently in Australia, the Mustang operated by the Point Cook Air Museum, located at the RAAF base may not fly again due to cost factors.

The red tail marking show this to be a "Tuskegee Mustang". The United States Army Air Force was forced to conduct an experiment to see if Afican Americans were suitable to fly as pilots. The experiment that was unpopular with, and frustrated by many produced pilots that not only succeeded but excelled. Articles on Wikipedia (Link below) and a film - "The Tuskegee Airmen" featuring Laurance Fishburne tell the story of the 332 Airborne, that supposedly never lost one of the bombers they were escorting to enemy action.

Link to Wikipedia

Two shots of a German ME 109 fighter aircraft.

The ME 109 aircraft were one of the fighters used by Germany in the Battle of Britain during England's dark days of WWII.

WWII vintage Spitfires faced not only England's enemies in that war but those of other countries, including Australia.

This twin seat version would be fairly uncommon as most were built a single seat fighters.

A Second World War P47 Thunderbolt fighter. According to "Tillamook's Website" this aircraft has only recently been restored to flying condition.

I think it would be unreal to hear the roar of it's massive engine.

A WWII B25 Mitchell, medium bomber. B25's, a land based bomber were flown off the US Navy carrier, USS Hornet in a misssion to bomb the Japanese main land only a few months after the attacks on Pearl Harbor.

The mission lead by General James Harold "Jimmy" Doolittle was to serve notice on the Japanese that main land Japan was vulnerable to air attack. After taking off from the Hornet, the aircraft went on to land in China as they couldn't have landed back on the carrier.

A F4U-7 Corsair, a WWII vintage fighter, used mainly by the US Navy and US Marines

This aircraft had unusual inverted "gull shaped" wings that were "bent" to accommodate the large propeller driven by the plane's powerful engine.

AD-4W Skyraider The design of the Skyraider started during the 1940's but the aircraft were too late for service in WWII.

Skyraider's did see service with the US Navy and Airforce as well as South Vietnam until the 1970's.

The SBD Dauntless shown here was an aircraft used extensively in the Pacific during WWII.

Dauntless dive bombers were responsible for sinking and damaging many enemy ships during the war.

The AM-1 Martin Mauler was an aircraft designed during WWII that didn't start a short career with the US Navy until 1948 due to problems.

Only about 151 were built and few survive today. At one time the type did hold a record for the heaviest payload for a single engine aircraft.

I can't help think the name sounds more like a thug you might find in some dark alley!

Not quite an aircraft - This old fire truck was sitting quietly in the corner of the museum.

Tillamook Air Museum:
December 2011.

Both Tillamook and Evergreen Avation museums have living collections in the sense that various exhibits come and go. With this visit to Tillamook, many of the aircraft that were there that day are already pictured above from my previous visit.

The pictures below that I took on this vist, are mostly different ones, that include a couple of choppers and some vintage military vehicles.