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Silverton, Oregon - A day out.

As Conda and I prepared to leave Australia, we visited some of the places in our local area, we were unlikely to see for a while. As we made some of theses visits, we found other great places, right on our door step we hadn't noticed. Now we are in Oregon, we wont make the same mistake again, and are taking every advantage to see what this area has to offer.

On a recent outing, we traveled to the nearby town of Silverton and these are pictures from that day.

An attraction in Salem for many years, near the Salem Penitentiary has been the feeding of the ducks and geese on the banks of Mill Creek that runs between State Street and the prison.

Recently (November 2010) the City of Salem moved many of the birds to other locations and made changed to prevent access to the parking lot, preventing the feeding of the birds.

The welfare of the bird was was the reason given, and that is a valid reason. I believe the true reason was frustration of motorists who had to wait while the birds crossed the road.

Advice on what could have been safely fed to the birds could have been made available instead of just stopping something many generations have enjoyed and another of the attractions that made Salem, Salem!

This is Mount Hood, located about 60 miles (100 k) east of the city of Portland, Oregon.

The visibility of the mountain varies with the weather and other changing atmospheric conditions during the day.

The small town of Silverton, Oregon with a population of around 7500 is not far from Salem. The town was originally settled during the mid 1850's.

Former industrial activities of timber production, power generation and milling have largely been replaced with farming, manufactured home production, flora displays and visits to the wetlands and other natural attractions in the area..

Silver Creek that runs through the center of the town

Silverton Reservoir, another beautiful and tranquil natural setting.

Another tranquil residential streetscape that again be almost anywhere. The day we visited was warm and sunny, adding to a very plesant day's experience.

Silverton City Hall. I could be worng, but the look of the building is similar to many hotels I've seen in both the U.S. and Australia.

The museum, shown here looks like it may have been a palatial home in years gone by.

Silverton Murals.

Silverton had many features similar to many country towns both here in the US, and Australia but the part I found most interesting was the collection of murals through out the town.

There were many mural around the town, I've only featured a few of them here.

This was another of the impressive murals we found in Silverton.

Like other previous murals, this one was made of multiple panels showing detail of a historic local baseball team.

The murals that I have shown here are only some of many that where in the town. I hope that the city of Silverton look after and maintain them as it would be sad for them to deteriorate and disappear.