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Quilt Run 101 - February 2007.

February and the Oregon Coast was the time and place for the 6th Annual Quilt Run 101.

The idea of the quilt run was to get Quilters to shop hop 14 participating quilt shops along Highway 101 from the northern to the southern state borders along the Oregon Coast.

Each shop stamped "Quilt Run" Passports and gave one part of the clues that, when collected from all stores, would make a mystery quilt.

Even though Steve is not into quilting, we both enjoyed the weekend as did our trip mascot Adrian.

Adrian, our trip mascot.

Our trek began in Salem & headed north to just south of Portland. We then headed west to the Oregon Coast. We'd hoped to have breakfast at Camp 18, but time was moving on and we (Conda) needed to get shopping.

Departure form home.

Departure on our trip was delayed a little by an attempted "stowaway" and waiting for the delivery of our rental car for the weekend.

Our first stop was in Seaside, the second most northern store on our quilting quest or pilgrimage as the purists may call it!

We were disappointed to find Montero Sisters were participating, but going out of business.

Our second shop was in Astoria, just a short block from the Columbia River. Here I (Conda) discovered what my trip theme would be – CAT FABRICS!

She had a great selection and I really did try to limit myself. Adrian of course was NO help – his duty was the photo op.

Cannon Beach, shop number 3, was where I found MORE cat fabric and two cat stitchery patterns.

She also stocked the Shop Hop flags, but that’s another story for later. As we were leaving, Steve found a cat fabric near the door, he held it up and said “do you have this one?” I did then! Adrian approved, naturally!

Next up was Wheeler. I’d never even heard of it before this and I’m a native Oregonian! The shop was filled with faces we were beginning to recognize as shop hoppers.

They kindly allowed us the use of the “facilities”, after all, Quilters are a community!

Cruising through the fat quarters, I found some that would work for a “fish” project for work. What cat doesn't like fish?

I did check the cat fabrics, but sadly, had the ones they had in stock….hmmmm, no, don’t go there now readers! Adrian approved in any case.

When we arrived in Tillamook, it had just stopped raining. Two guys were hanging out on the sidewalk in front of the shop, which is painted shocking pink.

I got out and said “quilt husbands?” The term "Qusbands" should be included in dictionaries soon to formalize their position!

They said “YES, but we are doing MANLY things like breathing in the diesel fumes and gasoline fumes from the passing cars!”

We played tag with them in further stops along the Shop Hop highway. They did ask Steve about Adrian, he told them EVERY trip needs a mascot and he is ours!

Our 6th shop was a challenge to find. Blink and you nearly miss Cloverdale. She was 2 miles from town, we missed the sign and turned around.

We found her off road, down a winding, steep (one car wide) lane. When we got out of the car, I could see her dining room - Sewing machine set up and piles of fabric!

MY kind of dining room! The shop is in her basement, very well laid out and stocked floor to ceiling with magnificent fabrics. She even had a sign – “Please touch the fabric”.

More fabric, more cats, Adrian’s photo op, and in the spirit of the "Traveling Wilburies", we are on the road again.

Now we are pushing time.

The shops are all open from 9 am to 5 pm. We hit Lincoln City at 4:45. Anyone who has been there knows the traffic is horrendous a the best of time….well, modern technology takes over! As we were slowed to a crawl in traffic, I called the shop and “sounding panicked”, I asked their location.

She gave me directions and told me if I got there by 5 I would still be able to shop. We got there exactly at 5pm and Steve practically shoved me out of the truck and told me to get into the shop NOW.

He said to tell them the “little one” would be SO disappointed if I missed out on this one! We were able to shop, I did get some great buys and we were finished for the day!

Seven shops marked off on the passport, Wait as we were leaving, we saw Jane and Barb – two ladies from Washington State – yep doing the hop – they had a cool flag and I wanted one! Jane told me they got it in Cannon Beach – oh no! I missed that! More later on this – Adrian got his photo op and we were on the road again.

The End of Day One!

We decided to push on to Newport.

It was Friday night and, not knowing how far down the coast we would get the first day, I’d not made any reservations. We found the America Inn & Suites.

This was a great place to stay, a large spotless room with fridge, microwave and a very genial host.

He even held Adrian up so he could read the NO CATS ALLOWED sign.

Our host even made an exception so Adrian could get a good night's sleep.

The price was right too – less than $50.00!

Early the next morning – ready for breakfast and MORE shopping! I was trying to get directions to the Quilter’s Cove, Steve went looking for the morning paper….

The Quilter’s Cove was across the highway from the restaurant!

We were at the door just after they opened! Here, no cat fabric, but LOTS of coastal themed fabric. I got a cool paper pieced miniature Lighthouse pattern partly done in the Storm at Sea blocks.

Another stamp, another photo op and we are out the door!

Florence, haven’t been here since I was about 12 years old! We used to fish in the bay and stay at a local state park camping.

Anyone who knows me now, knows I DON’T camp…I stay in hotels! Our first shop was a trip…I always check out the notions…you just never know when something new and MUST HAVE will show up.

I found the ultimate tool….a HEADLIGHT for your rotary cutter! I laughed out loud…who on earth???? The shop owner said she bought them on a whim…for the novelty…and that it must be for the obsessed quilter who couldn’t or wouldn’t stop when the lights went out? I told her if the lights went out, there was NO WAY I was going to be using a rotary cutter! Adrian met with the local cat on duty – photo op, passport stamped and on our way….uh oh….U-TURN!

Just as I was checking the map for the next shop – Steve mentioned “hey, there’s another quilt shop”.

I checked the list as we drove by and sure enough there were TWO shops in Florence on the run. U-Turn and back we went. Here is where Steve began HIS shopping.

As I was checking out cat fabrics and patterns, he was busy purchasing a red travel iron for me. Ok, like I need help shopping? Just shows you girls, he is a GREAT supporter of my quilting, fabric collecting and ever expanding array of quilt notions! Another stamp, another photo op and we are gone!

Coos Bay! We are lucky and find a parking place right in front of the shop. Remember, my theme is CATS for this trip. Well, here I found the ultimate in cat panels…yep, the one Adrian is holding.

When she rang up my order, I thought hmmmm, very inexpensive, so I sent Steve back for another one! I now had the beginnings of my Quilt Run 101 quilt. (Yes, I title them!)

I did find a couple of brights to go with it as well. It was here, in consultation with the shop owner, that we decided to make a full bore run to Brookings

We had decided to bypass Bandon and Port Orford (more on that later). Photo op with Adrian, passport stamped and on the road again!

We arrived at the final shop of the 2nd day – Brookings. It was 45 minutes to closing and they were very persistent in wanting to stamp our passports. I just wanted to shop!

They were very sweet ladies and our gift for the day was CHOCOLATE! A huge bar – to keep up our strength to shop – was their justification – works for me!

Here is where I found some really unusual buttons…they make up a quilt block.

I got one for me and one for my secret pal Sue who lives in Utah.

Here we also had to say goodbye to Barbara and Jane. They were quilters who’d traveled all the way from Washington State to participate.

We’d played hopscotch with them all down the coastline. They’d managed to do it in two days and this was their final shop.

Oh yes, the Quilt Run Flag that is shown above on Barbara and Jane's car. I got on my cell and called that shop in Cannon Beach where they had purchased it.

Told the owner I’d missed the flag and needed one. She told me it would cost more to ship that it was worth…I told her didn’t CARE, had to have one! She sent it to me so I could have my “souvenir”.

We however, after a photo op with Adrian and ladies are back on the road to Port Orford and our night’s accommodation in a Bed and Breakfast overlooking the breakers.

Now you may wonder at how I chose this B&B…well, there were a couple of considerations….

Everyone who knows me, knows I am a HUGE fan of Phil Collins…have been clear back to when he had hair….

The name of this one – Home by the Sea – one of my favorites of his, and sadly, he never made one of his “story” music videos for this song – although should he ever want to, I have some great ideas Phil…..Phil???

2) The owner’s wife is a QUILTER and works at the Port Orford quilt shop…now tell me, is this KISMET or what???

Here is where I found what may become another obsession (besides the cat fabrics). I got a grab bag, not paying attention – it had a label that said bird fabrics, I just saw it as a heck of a good deal – 12 fat quarters for $10.00!

NO quilter in her right mind would pass this bargain up for stash building (even though my stash is now the SIZE of a building)! Well after I was home, I discovered it was State Bird fabrics….absolutely gorgeous….birds….cats…..hmmmm.

A show & tell of our hostesses quilts she’s been working on at the shop (by the way – excellent workmanship!)

Next, we are off to our final destination – after I show Steve the boats moored ON the Port Orford dock, not at the dock.

Our final shop! Bandon by the Sea, and the sky opened up just as we arrive with a torrential downpour. It is this shop and the owners, who sponsor and organize the Quilt Run 101.

I do my final shop. I am amazed that each shop has its own personality, rarely have I found two fabrics alike in any of them.

It is here that I find two more brights to go with my kitty panel that will be our “Quilt Run 101” quilt when I get it complete. (It is now 3rd in line!)

Our trip is complete, our passports get their final stamp and we turn them in. (For those wondering no, we didn’t win a thing!) Adrian does his final shop hop photo op, and we make our way toward home.

All in all, we both had a ball, I got to spend some quality time with my husband, no phones, no computers and NO interruptions. Wonderful sea air, the open road and QUILT SHOPS!

After a great weekend away, it was good to be home again with the beginnings of many future quilting projects.

Life always presents challenges, like "What fabrics do I need to go with these new purchases from the weekend that Adrian is guarding in the back of our rental car!

Pictures taken on the road!

The following collection of pictures were taken during our weekend away on the Quilt Run. Many wont have descriptions as I didn't make notes as I took them so I'm not sure where all of them where taken.

The pictures are organized roughly in the order they were taken as we traveled down the Oregon coast from North to South.

Downtown Astoria, not far from the Oregon-Washington State border

The bridge over the Columbia River between the states.

One of the many Tsunami warning signs along the coast probably inspired by the 2004 Asian disaster

Another picture of the Columbia River.

The causeway heading into Coos Bay.

The bridge, also heading into Coos Bay.

Historic Railway Locos.

Coos Bay.

The coast line and our second nights accommodation at Port Orford. The view shown is what we could see from the window of the bed and breakfast we stayed at.

Our bedroom window was the right hand window on the second level of the two level building in the middle of the picture.

A welcome site on a cold day, the shop selling souvenirs and snacks on the dock at Port Orford.

The boats here are lifted from the water due to the often prevailing rough sea conditions in the area.

"We are not in Kansas any more, or Australia for that matter!!"

It may be common place here in the US to see Elk , but coming from Australia it was something new and interesting for Adrian and myself.

The elk were outside the practical range of the telephoto lense I had with me.

I felt it worth including these pictures of this heard in the reserve any way.