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Oregon State Fair - September 2006.

As my brothers and I grew up in Australia one of the highlights was visiting the Royal Melbourne Show. The Royal Melbourne Show, or just "The Show" as it was more commonly known. The show started out as ploughing competition in 1848.

Over the years the event grew to showcase aspects of rural life, agricultural produce and eventually all sorts of entertainment. This year in September I visited the "Oregon State Fair" which seems to be an equivalent event over here.

Like the Royal Melbourne Show, the Oregon State Fair runs about ten days, and the pictures here, were taken when I called in after work. I intended to go back to get more pictures, but some how didn't manage to.

The day I visited the Oregon State Fair, the weather was warm and sunny which attracted a fair crowd.

The music, amusements, rides and smells all combined in the way only these type of events can.

As well as the rides, there were all sorts of things on sale including something called "Australian Battered Fries".

I lived in Australia for only 47 years but I don't have any idea what Australian Battered Fries are. I do know what lamingtons and dim sims are!

The State Fair is an agricultural / rural community based show.

Some of the produce on display included these large pumpkins and other vegetables shown here.

As well as the produce and other foods on display, there were handicrafts.

These "characters" were impressive as where the quilts in the background that I unfortunately didn't get pictures of.

I did get to see some of the horse events in the main pavilion. The riders on single horses were ok, but I enjoyed watching the teams of horses shown more.

Watching these teams being driven around the arena before being "backed in" to a marked out area was very impressive for a confirmed "City Boy" like me!.

It's hard to know what would be worse, pumping up the tires (tyres - Australian spelling) or falling out of the drivers seat on this monster truck at the State Fair!


Even more handicrafts were on display outside as shown here.


These wooden characters shown here would take far more skill than I possess

mong the array of merchandise on sale were miracle cleaners, must have tools and appliances and almost anything else you could imagine

These model aircraft did catch my attention. I suppose it's true - One man's trash is another man's treasure!

Oregon State Fair - 2009
Salem Oregon, U.S.A.

The Oregon State Fair is held each year during August-September in The State Fairgrounds located in North Salem, the State Capitol.

Through the years the fair has showcased Oregon crops and livestock, arts and culture and has hosted many food booths and vendors as well as judging competitions, horse racing and popular entertainers.


Nothing like it, inching forward one car at a time into the car park, and I was there within 30 minutes of the opening time of 10:00am.


Car parking was/is free and once in to the parking lot it was fairly quick and easy.


Cloudy skies that did produce a little rain latter when the State Governor Ted Kulongoski opened the fair.

To be fair I don't think the Governor can be blamed for the rain!


This 1935 International Truck with a 13 1/2 foot tomato, "The Big Tomato" is the symbol of how big the State Fair is.


There was shuttle service transport from the car park to the gate, what more could you ask for?


The fair has all the traditional carnival features but being early there were very few customers to start off with.


There were all sorts of "interesting" merchandise to to invest in!


As the customers started to there were plenty of vendors hawking their wares!

Located in the Americraft Center (also known as the Jackman-Long Building) there were many displays including these fantastic cakes.

The cake on the left is celebrating Oregon's 150th birthday and the cake on the right the ever popular "Thomas the tank engine".


The Big Tomato, the symbol of the State Fair wasn't the only big tomato on display.

This tomato cake was well detailed, including the worm!


This "pizza" cake was also very detailed and equally impressive.

The violin and the fairy cakes were also incredibly detailed. The cakes I have pictured were only a few of the many that were on display.

Oregon State Fair - September 2011.

It's my goal and dream to be at the Oregon Author's table, if not in 2012, then 2013 depending on how my writing, work and other priorities play out.. To be w rtiter, you need to be a dreamer and it costs no more to dream big!

The pictures below are some we took at the 2011 State Fair. For previous years, please scroll up.

The State Fair had the usual Handicraft displays.

Historical and regional displays.

And Conda's favorite, the quilts.

Most based on themes, with great detail

For more than the obvious reasons I found the cakes incredible. This hamburger being carried by ants was fantastic.

A bottle of spilt tomato sauce, sorry ketchup showed great skill and iminigation to me.