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Our First Oregon Pictures.

Our first car in the US. A Buick station wagon, similar in size to the Magna wagons sold in Australia.

The car only cost $1800, but all cars here are much cheaper than in Australia, both new and used.

Here Conda drives the car just after we had taken delivery of it during our first weekend in Oregon.

Multnomah Falls.

On about the second weekend we were in Oregon we went on a bit of a trip.

We stopped at the popular Multnoma Falls, about 40 miles east of Portland.

At this time Oregon was just about to move from Winter to Spring and that helps explain the dull, grey and cloudy conditions.

Multnomah Falls.

This stream was near the base of Multnomah Falls and the along with trees without leaves help show, and reinforce the feeling of winter.

When we decided to move to the US there were many things to organize. One of the more important things was accommodation for our cats who left ahead of us.

Luckily, Conda was able to find a "Luxury Cat Resort" for them to stay at until we got there and were able to collect them.

The description of the cattery was "Luxury Cat Resort" and I didn't really know what to expect but the description was no exaggeration.

The "accommodation units" for the cats were very well equipped with places for the cats to sleep and sit where they could see out.

Here Sarah and Destiny were sitting up high on the shelf when we arrived to visit them just before we brought them home.

As well as their "Accommodation Units" the cats had time each day out in the center exercise area that was carpeted and heated.

While out in the exercise area they were able to look in on their fellow guests!

While out in the exercise area here Sarah, Destiny and Tiger pose for a photo. Sophie wasn't willing to sit with the others. We visited the cattery while our cats were there and found that they were being very well cared for and even spoilt.

For more about "Cats Only luxury boarding for cats visit their website by clicking on the logo below:

The local neighborhood streetscape around where we are staying showed mostly barren and bare trees when we arrived and a few days ago.

I'm told that my admiration for the beauty of Dogwood Trees in bloom will fade quickly if I have to clean up the fallen blossoms over the next four weeks or so.

I'm told that my admiration for the beauty of Dogwood Trees in bloom will fade quickly if I have to clean up the fallen blossoms over the next four weeks or so.

A feature that was new to me was that many houses having basements here as can bee seen with he windows along the side almost at ground level.

Another feature of the housing here was the lack of brick homes as I was used to in Australia.

The former, The Thomas Kay Woolen Mill, shows it's heritage as a textile mill in earlier times. The mill stopped operating, possibly during the 1950's and it now is a museum.

The Capitol Building is the home of the State Legislature and capitol of the State of Oregon


On seeing the statue on top of the Capitol Building, my initial thoughts where; How civilized, they are saluting the "Gold Australia"!


The gold leaf covered statue on top of the capital building, is actually a tribute to the pioneers who found, and helped establish the state of Oregon.


The statue on the left, in the grounds of the capitol building is to commemorate the labors and achievements of the Ministers of the gospel who as circuit riders became counselors and evangels to the pioneers on every American frontier.


The statue to the right, commerates Dr John McLoughlin who was the first governor of the Oregon Territory, prior to Oregon achieving statehood.

The Oregon Supreme Court building.

I had no idea at this stage that in the years to come I would sort state interagency mail for this building as well as many others.

The Oregon State library, Salem Oregon.

A diesel loco heading through Salem. I've already noticed a much heavier use of rail for freight movement that I was used to in the area of Victoria, Australia where I grew up.