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Oregon - Winter is here !

As Australia heads into summer, winter has definitely arrived in Oregon. Monday the 27th of November brought a sprinkling of snow over the Salem and surrounding areas.

For those living in the US, snow is probably of little novelty, but coming from Australia it's not nearly as common especially in the metropolitan area of Melbourne where I came from.

A light sprinkling of snow on our house.

As would be expected, the houses around the area also had snow.

Occassional clearing of ice from windscreens in Australia wasn't too much of a problem. Although only light, snow was a new experience for me.

I'd like to say that the spray can with scrapper for clearing windows that I bought recently was a result of good planning and foresight but I wouldn't be telling the truth, it was just impulse!

A dusting of snow on one of the bushes at our place, added more beauty than problems. The right hand picture was a tree in the street on my way to work.

My picture doesn't do justice and show the vivid yellow and red leaves on the tree as they were. Within a day or two the red leaves had faded and most of the leaves had dropped confirming that winter was here.

More snow on the work vehicles at the farm where I work.

This snow only made things look sad, lonely and mserable!

The east coast of Australia has suffered prolonged drought conditions for a number of years now. The sight of standing water and mud like this is something I haven't seen for sometime.

This picture show some of the muddy fields where we are currently harvesting sod as it's called her or instant lawn in Australia.

Currently, the harvester I'm driving that I call Tabitha, has lost her showroom shine. Getting in and out of Tabitha out in the muddy field makes keeping the machine clean impossible.

I can work all day without getting out of the seat some days and right at the end there will be a problem and within a few minutes I go from clean to covered in mud. I'm sure it's just Tabitha showing me who is boss!

Tabitha the Trebro AutoStack harvester isn't the only machine that has to operate in the mud.

Bigfoot, the red 4 wheel drive forklift shown here is also vital to operating in these conditions. Bigfoot can bring 4 pallets of instant lawn from the field to the loading area at a time.

Somedays there is very little or no blue sky, but when there is some, it can convey very different moods.

For me the left hand picture with the tree reinforces the cold of winter whereas the right hand picture points to hope of better weather to come.