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Old Cars in Salem, April 2008.

When we arrived in Oregon after moving from Australia in 2006 the Dogwood Trees were just starting to bloom. Yearly as the Dogwood blooms, it reminds me we are starting another year in this country. We have just started our third year here!!

In front of the Capitol Building, across the road the have the "Capitol Mall" that is lined with Dogwood on each side and I wanted to grab some pictures as it looks quite spectacular. This year, when the blooms came on we had a run of cold and wet weather and by the time good weather arrived and I had the opportunity to take some pictures, the blooms had gone!

The morning I went down looking for pictures I found club club holding a meeting. I have never been much into cars, but these cars showed that others had spent a great deal of time, effort and money on their toys", and the difference between man and boy is the price of their toys!!

The State Capitol Building in Salem, Oregon on a sunny Sunday morning in April, 2008. The car club meeting can be seen out front of the building.

Looking across the Capitol Mall towards the State Library showing the Dogwood tress lining that side of the mall.


The club sign announcing the event and the old cars at the State Capitol Building.

The main reason I posted pictures of these cars was for the chance to show off my automotive knowledge, I bet you will be impressed. Here are some cars, old cars!

More old cars.

Another old car.

I thought somebody had stolen the bonnet, or hood as they called are here, but nobody seemed concerned so maybe its ok!

Yep, another old car!

They even had an old pickup, or "ute, short for utillity" as they would be called in Australia, on show.

Everybody knows that red cars go faster. I know very little about cars other than if you turn the key and it doesn't start, "It's broken"

I do know that from the look of these old cars, a lot of effort has gone in to preparing these them and it shows.

With the price of gas (petrol) skyrocketing more and more fuel efficient modem cars are appearing, like this state owned, Toyota Prius Hybrid. It may or may not be more fuel efficient than the older cars, but it doesn't have any where near the character of those on show. Conda remarked that it looked like a coffee bean!