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Model Train Expo Pictures.

During February, my friend Garry and I had the chance to visit the Model Railway Exhibition at the Portland Exposition Center. After see the displays inside, I really do believe in the saying that the difference between man and boy is the price of their toys..

Inside the Portland Expo Center where lots of displays with people of all ages looking.

As could be expected the majority of visitors were boys of all ages but there were also many women there also.

Some of the women seed to be there under sufferance but also, many seemed to be enjoying the displays as much as the men.

These are not toy trains, everybody knows there is a difference between toy trains and model railway layouts!

Some of the displays showed some serious money was involved as well as considerable time and effort.

Different displays had different themes, styles and scales.

Most layouts showed incredible detail that had been painstakingly constructed.

This picture above was part of a vendor's display selling supplies for making scenery.

This picture above shows a small novel layout creatively built on a small pool table complete with pool balls on the table.

As well as the layouts displayed, there were plenty of vendors ready to supply these serious hobbiests.

Lots of trains and lots of money needed to take them home!

A couple of signs showing a sense of humor.

These signs are probably truer than anybody would like to admit.