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Newport Weekend Away, March, 2007.

In March 2007 Conda obtained the use of a cottage over on the coast and we spent the weekend with Garry and Toni.

I was growing up in Australia, we were only minutes from Port Phillip Bay by car and only about 30 minutes from open ocean beaches.

Taking around an hour and a half to get to the coast is the difference that I notice most between Victoria, Australia and Oregon, U.S.A.

Once we got to the coast, the distances we traveled were short distances and easy driving.

All great adventures have great leaders, our leader for the expedition was Adrian, seen here checking gear to be loaded.

Here Adrian was conferring with Garry on where we were to go next!

One of our early stops was a quilt shop, where Adrian was already known and remembered from earlier visits.

Do these colors make my hair look scruffy?

No trip to the coast would be complete without a visit to The Yaquina Head Lighhouse.

The Yaquina Head Lighhouse has probably changed little exturnally since it was built, but there always seems to be something to see each visit.


Historical information about the area and the lighthouse complex was interesting.

The information indicated that name Yaquina was the name of the local Native Americans and original inhabitants of the area.

All the other buildings shown in the photographs have been removed leaving just the lighthouse.


After climbing to the upper levels of the lighthouse the guide gave an informative talk on "Lighthouse" life in a bygone era before satellite navigation and computers.


These pictures show the lamp, reflectors and glass designed to provide warnings to ships at sea.

Views of the coast from the top of the lighthouse were impressive.

The good weather we had, made our day very pleasant, but I could imagine it being very miserable and dreary on poor wet and wind days.

Round and round and round, down all those steps!

The next day, the backs of my legs remembered these steps!

Through an action at work, Conda had won the use of a cottage at the coast for the weekend. It was located South of Lincoln City in a secluded and peaceful community.

I wont name the community, not because I can't remember, but because I want to protect the privacy of our generous host!!

Bush and jungle can be the home of wild animals, and it could have been a problem.

Here Adrian caught up on local gossip with another of the locals.

Here Adrian caught up on local gossip with another of the locals.

After all the conversing with the locals, Adrian had a little quite time to catch up on a his studies.

Maybe not a morning person...

Definitely not a morning person!

Another quilt shop..

And another shot of the bridge heading south from Newport.

Another "Coast Trip Favorite"..

The Tillamook Cheese Factory.


Inside Tillamook Cheese Factory, as usual, it was possible to see the production area (not pictured), but we looked at the other display.


This quilt on the wall celebrated 90 years while the picture on the right show cased some of the products made here.