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Around Salem, Capitol of Oregon - 2008.

Although Salem is the capitol of the State of Oregon, it doesn't have the "capitol city" feel to me. By comparison, Salem feels more like regional city like Ballarat in Victoria, Australia. As the state capitol there are many government buildings in the city, many with parks and lawns surrounding them. I went for a walk one day and took the following series of pictures.

The State Capitol Building. I thought the statue on top of the capitol building was the "Gold Australian", but found out it is actually the Golden Pioneer, commemorating the states pioneering past.

A close up of the Golden Pioneer, finished in gold leaf!

A replica of the Liberty Bell, in the grounds of the State Capitol Building.

The Walk of Flags, flag poles with each of the fifty state flags, beside the State Capitol building.

A monument honoring the pioneers of Oregon's history.

A close up of the plaque on the rock.

One of many pleasant park settings in the center of Salem.

Quite a pleasant setting for lunch or watching the day go by. On a sunny day it would be even more pleasant.


The Medal of Honor monument.

The Medal of Honor is the United States highest military honor awarded to military personnel for conspicuous gallantry above and beyond the call of duty in action against any enemy of the U.S.

The first Medal of Honor was awarded during the American Civil War.


A plaque commemorating a recipient from May 1899.


The Salem, World War One Monument.


When I began my walk, I was just looking to see what there was to see. As I continued, near the Veteran Affairs building I found myself drawn to the various monuments commemorating military service in many of the recent and current wars this country has

A monument to all that have served their country, from Oregon.

The commemorative plaque dedicating the monument to all those who have served who have preformed military service from Oregon.

The Korean War Monument.

Only five years after WWII and The United States and allies, including Australia and New Zealand were again involved in armed conflict. The Korean War, or Police Action as if was called at the time never really ended. An armistice was declared in 1953.

Even today, war continues: The Afghan - Iraqi Freedom Memorial. This monument is unusual in that, it has been built while the conflicts are still continuing.

The parents of one of the first killed, spear headed the fund raising and building of this monument to remember their son and others who served and those lost.

The Afghan - Iraqi Freedom Memorial.

The design of the monument is unusual in that the world is represented on a global map.


The central feature of the monument is a life sized serviceman looking down over the globe.


The conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq commemorated by this monument still continue today (2011).

Sadly, more names are added, and more lost service personnel are remembered for their sacrifice.