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Newport Weekend Away, October, 2007.

Our wedding anniversary fell on the last weekend in October, 2007 and we had the chance to get away for the an enjoyable couple of days to Newport, on the Oregon Coast.


State of Oregon, showing relative locations of Salem and Newport.

The costal town of Newport is usually a pleasant drive of less than two hours from Salem at a leisurely pace involving a stop for lunch or breakfast on the way..

In the time we have been Oregon, the coast has become one of our favorite places to visit when we get the chance.

Good weather makes for a great weekend, but even when it's cold and wet the area still has an inviting charm that keeps us coming back.

Costal Scenery, Oregon. We have similar pictures taken from the same location elsewhere on our website.

It amazes me just how much the warm sunshine can make to the scenery and the mood of the day.

A sign telling of a Tsunami in the area in 1700. I don't know if recent Tsunami in Asia prompted erecting the sign warning of dangers in the area.

No visit to the Newport area would be complete without a visit to the Yaquina Head Lighthouse.

Inside the Yaquina Head Lighthouse Park they had built a "Man Made" tidal pool to allow people to readily see the marine life forms in their "natural" enjoinment.

A sign explaining the building and features of the tidal pool system. We didn't take the time to go down and have a look, but I'm sure we will be back and who knows about the next visit?

During our weekend away we followed these footprints to one of our favorite shops, Parlor Bears.

We were saddened to find that Parlor Bears was closing down, in part a victim of the internet. With advent of trading collectibles on the internet, there was no longer sufficient business to sustain this store.

Parlor Bears wasn't just a shop, it was a special location to visit.

For the people who operated the store for many years, it was a big part of their lives the showed the care and love for what the did in the presentation of the displays.

A welcoming bear at the door.

And more bears in the windows.


The store window displays included themed vignettes.


A special part of what made Newport, Newport is (has) gone and is unlikely anything else can replace the special charm it provided.

Bears, bears, bears!

And even more bears around the store.

Wedding Bears!

And even an "Abe Lincoln Bear"!

Supervisor Bears for those wanting to go on the mailing list.

We did rescue some bears including Smokey The Bear on the left. Smokey's new friend is another bear we rescued else where. He isn't ugly, he is "Looks Challenged"!

The weather was good to us for the whole weekend. Nice and sunny as shown here, looking towards the bridge heading south out of Newport.

The waterfront district of Newport has a maritime theme with business aimed towards the tourist and fishing industries.

Many of the buildings have spectacular murals painted on them, like this one here. As could be expected, most murals has a maritime theme.

Ripley's "Believe it or not", one of the attractions in the historic waterfront area. Although Newport still includes working fishing and charter boats and fish processing plant, tourism is a major contributor to their local economy.

Some of the professional fishing and charter boats moored in Newport Harbor.

And still more of Newport's fishing fleet.

Lazing in the sun waiting for lunch. These seals were waiting at the rear of the fish processing plant.

Popular with the tourists, not so popular with the fishermen, or should that be fisher persons!