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When I started Conda brought to my attention that I was and still do to some degree, writing in "Australian English", instead of "American English". Although both countries inherited the English language from England when the countries were born differences have developed in areas including word usage, meaning and spelling."

These differences can be subtle or dramatic with responses that range from confusion, laughter or embarrassment. I now have a greater understanding for what Conda went through when she came to live in Australia in 2001.

To give an idea of the difference between the languages; To tell and American that you will shout them lunch will cause confusion, they won't understand that you intend to buy them lunch!

A good friend of ours; Toni helped me work through a completed draft to translate my Australian into American. During this process, Garry, Toni's husband read through the story and became interested in the project to the point he agreed to help me publish my book.

To get a mainstream publisher to take a manuscript and publish it is almost as difficult as willing the lottery so we have decided to set up our own publishing company and try our luck.

I have warned Garry that we may wind up with boxes of books and no friends because we gave everybody copies for Christmas. Spare a though for anybody we both know who may wind up with two copies!

We have made some inquiries in to self publishing and statistically we have a lot against us but who knows? One factor that gives me some encouragement is that the famous author "John Grisham*" started selling his books from the back of his car.

I would in no way begin to compare myself to him of the standard of his books but my ultimate goal with my writing is to get a call from Mr. Grisham, complaining he can't get my latest book in the book store and asking me to send him a copy! Dreams are what make the mundane bearable and help create hope for the future!

Garry and I have filled a name for our company with the the State of Oregon so keep an eye out for "Wombat and Badger Publishing.

Garry can be a bit like a badger and the name seems to suit him, so I guess that makes me Wombat! Fairly soon we will start to work on a website for our publishing company but have a place holder loaded.(See Below)

* THE EVERYTHING GUIDE TO WRITING A NOVEL, page 263 "Quotes John Grisham as self publishing his first book and selling it from his car until it was picked up by a publisher." It continues to explain that to be a writer you need to be a dreamer, and you might as dream big!

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