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Having spent the 1970's as a secretary/administrative assistant in the Oregon House of Representatives; the last half of the 1980's as a secretary for Disability Determination Services in Salem OR; the 1990's in Quality Improvement as a technical reviewer at Merle West Medical Center in Klamath Falls OR, customer service, quality products, services and outcomes are VERY important to me...once you do that type of work, you are never the same and you certainly don't accept poor service, poor quality goods, or poor customer relations again...ever! "Outcome " and "quality" are no longer catch words, but a level of service and product quality you require not only of yourself, but of those you choose to spend your time and money with.

The following links are those people whom I trust, have given me above average service, and who I choose to spend my money with. Please check out their sites and if you choose to purchase from them, please tell them "Conda Walsh sent me". I want them to know they are "doing it right" and they are having referrals made to them as a result. Everybody needs positive feedback and I've found these people to be the best. Each of the listed vendors have shipped internationally to me, from the US to Australia, for those who reside outside the USA.

Please Note: This link, like the other links on this site, are not paid advertisements. I want to assist other quilters in finding the excellent help and service I have received, from these vendors.

Links to Trusted Vendors :

Regretfully, the troubled economic times are also affecting traditional and online quilt stores.

If you find a link to a vendor doesn’t work or one of our friends has left the industry, please let us know and we will fix it.