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In early 2008, as a result of being unemployed for the first time, I found my self with time on my hands. I decided to take advantage of this situation and try something I'd always wanted to try but hadn't had the time or courage to do. I decided to try and write a book. I began to write my first a novel.

I'd had the basis of a story floating around in my head for many years but didn't have a clue how to go about it and wasn't sure I had the skill or ability I needed, I'm still not sure but I'm having a go anyway!

After some deliberation I headed for the local book store in the belief they had an "Idiot's guide to everything" so why not one about writing a book! If they were looking for an idiot wanting to write a book, I was that Idiot!

I realize that there is also a "Dummies Guide" to just about everything also. Life is sad when your biggest problem is deciding between being a Dummy or an Idiot!

That was the first of a number trips to the book store during which I had the good fortune to run in to a published author, "Frank Romano - Storm Over Morocco" who had just completed his book event. Frank was kind enough to discuss my goals with me and not only offer encouragement but has continued to give me advice form time to time. I'm very grateful to Frank as I realize how busy he is. Goggle his name (Author Frank Romano) and you will understand!

Follow the links below for more details:

I currently have four projects I'm working on. Personal greed the true enemy (PGTTE) was my first project. It is the closest to publishing and due out in October this year, with the next three projects in order matching the links below from left to right.

I also have a number of story outlines that I have filed on my computer for the future.

I don't know if my books will be commercially successful but my only regret with writing is that I didn't start 30 years ago.

The four links below will give details of my current projects: