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Oregon State Mail: Special Delivery - (SMSD)

Dramatic fiction - Set in the year 2010, mostly in Salem Oregon.

State mail special delivery is actually the fourth story I started but it has jumped the queue because of difficulties I'm having with research for stories two and three. I'm almost half way through the first draft and enjoying the development of the characters and story just as much as Personal greed the true enemy.

State mail special delivery could be seen by some people as autobiographical because of some similarities between our real life and the lives of Stewart and Marie Graham, the primary characters. Daily interaction with people can't fail to provide inspiration for characters in my stories although my characters are not intended to depict anybody specifically.

Some people may also believe they see themselves in this story but I must stress this is fiction and not intended to depict any real person.


Stewart and Marie meet on line in 1999 before it became fashionable and married in Oregon in 2000.

They set up home in Australia and live happily for 5 years until Stewart learns he is to be laid off (made redundant) due to company downsizing.

With the reality that Stewart will need to find another job they make the decision to move to Oregon and set up home in Salem, the State Capitol.


Stewart winds up getting a job working for the State of Oregon driving a delivery van delivering State Mail to government departments and officers in and around Salem.


Stewart starts to enjoy his new job and focuses on his main two goals.

He wants to get through his trail service with the state and obtain his U.S. Citizenship.


What should be straight forward becomes anything but until the things Stewart cares most about are threatened.

He then realizes just how far away Australia is!