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Personal greed the true enemy

A soldier's war in a time of peace - (PGTTE)

Dramatic fiction - Set in the year 2010, mostly in Salem Oregon.

Personal greed the true enemy is the first story I have attempted. My goal was to get a completed story on the computer that I was happy with, and then see what opportunities may exist. As of August 30, 2009 I'm in the situation that this first story "Personal greed the true enemy" is being edited at the moment and with the help of Garry a long term family friend, we are aiming to self publish and release the book in October this year. That may have been an ambitious date to set but we are working towards it now.

After the editing is complete, I plan to make available here the first chapter for anyone interested.

Two different men, two different ideologies and the clash of monumental events that threaten both of them.


David Harris, a Lieutenant in the Oregon Army National Guard and part time law student is wealthy, he doesn't need to work.

He plans to go to the top, the expensive cars, the big office and the power. He wants the good life and knows he will achieve it and maybe even the Governor's Mansion some day.

Gregory Freddington, a Project Manager with the State of Oregon, is also a part time law student. His life was different and his philosophy is also very different.

He started young as an electrician, studied to become a project manager for the State of Oregon and now he wants to become a lawyer to give back and help those in need.


Court Street Salem, normally simple city street in the state capitol of Oregon. It runs between the Capitol Building and the Capitol Mall. It will become a "No Mans Land" that divides much more than just families and friends.

One will look from the steps of the Capitol Building towards the lawns and into his conscience the other will look from the lawns towards the seat of power. Both will look for answers.

Both are committed to doing what's right, but how do you know what's right? What do you do when the actions of others put you on a collision course with history?


"They donít realize what they have started; even the most loyal dog will bite, if you kick it often enough and we are way past often enough! - Gregory Freddington"

This is fiction, but
could it really happen?

Different backgrounds, different political views and different sides of the road but both bound by a belief in the words etched in stone.