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Auster Railer

I had heard that many writers us a pen name, nom de plume or a pseudonym but never knew why. I read some articles on this practice by writers and it gave many reasons for doing so but the best reason came from a Mr. Gordon Chase of Victoria, Australia. He said the true reason for using a pen name was in case you "pissed off" too many people, it gave you some deniability!

Gordon's reasoning generated a sense of devilment in me and I tentitively made the decission to use the name "Auster Railer". If you squint just right it almost looks like Australia!

Because Garry and I are working together to sell my book, and we may potentiall sell books for others in the future I have decided to use the name to write under to diferenciate between the related but seperate roles of being a publisher and a writer.

I'm not comfortable to call myself an author quite yeat, even if we do have confirmed orders for 5 books. Before anyone laughs at only having orders for 5 books, until recently we only had orders for 4. An extra copy was a 25% increase in projected sales, how happy would General Motors be if they could announce a 25% increase in orders!

Garry and I have a marketing plan for selling my book that may also work for selling books for other local authors. Failure with either the marketing plan or my selling my book(s) won't necassarily end the other aspect of this matter.

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