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My Assistants!!

Tiger, my baby. Where I am, he is. This picture was taken as part of his ongoing campaign to be elected: "The World's Favorite Cat!" and his attempt to gain the support of: "Tiger's friends in the Quilting Community!"

Tiger, as well as being a "Cat's Cat" he also considers himself a: "Fury Quilt Enthusiast!"

Sarah, my bedtime buddy. Every time I go into the bedroom, even if it's to put away clothes or put on my shoes, Sarah beats me to the bed and looks at me as if to say "Are we napping now?"

"Queen Sophie!" She considered herself the alpha cat until Tiger and Destiny arrived to join the family. She then retreated to her "cave" under the dining room table, and stayed there all winter, coming out only to eat and drink.

Destiny, also known as "My baby girl". She was my alpha kitty and she continues to challenge Sophie for the position.

Tiger in his "Quality Control" role. I wondered why it was so hard to pull the fabric through!!

So tell me again, which is the focus fabric?