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Oregon first - A better way (ABW)

Project currently suspended - Will be restarted in the future.

Dramatic fiction - Set in the year 2010, mostly in the halls of power, Salem Oregon.

When the economy really started to crash towards the end of 2008 I decided to suspend writing "The state insider" (TSI) TSI was to be a comical story about a newly elected 37th governor of Oregon who is frustrated by the reappearance of his childhood imaginary friend to "help" him govern Oregon.

As the financial situation was so serious I decided to use the same characters and story structure as TSI but make it a more serious story.


"I, William Roger Garrison, accept the trust, faith and confidence you have given me, and will deliver the change I promised when I asked you to elect me your 37th Governor."

In this story William Garrison is a serious man on a serious mission.

A strong vote of support by Oregonians has convinced this Governor that "business as usual" is no longer good enough. As an independent, he is willing to work with everyone willing to put Oregon first but has no time for anyone who tries to tell him something can't be done. "Not doing it isn't an option, how are we going to do it? is his mantra.


"I don’t want anyone to betray their personal or political beliefs, only to put them second to their loyalty to the best interests of Oregon. William Roger Garrison, the 37th Governor of Oregon and only the 2nd Independent elected to the Office of Governor in the State of Oregon.

It's ironic that I could only take these pictures of the Oregon Governor's Mansion from a distance. This was as close as I could get to Mahonia Hall without pushing my luck. I have no desire to be the last troublesome foreigner sent to Guantánamo Bay, Cuba before they close the military prison there.

I've had to suspend this project and "The State Insider" for the same reason.


I've had to suspend this project is because of trouble getting information. Coming from Australia with it's similar but different political system I need more background information on "A day in the life of a governor". I have written to the current and two former Oregon Governors looking for help but at present I feel I have more hope of getting the launch codes from the Pentagon.

I determined to get the information I need and will write to all 49 other State Governors if I have to. I'm not looking to quote or embarrass anyone just get an idea what the governor's life is like out of the public eye. Out of 300 million people in the country someone must be willing to give me some idea!